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Canberra's best small-medium
specialised doggy daycare!

Our Philosophy

We believe that dogs are the most selfless, loving animals in the world. So we designed a place to give back to them.

Their very own doggy wonderland where they can play, learn, soclialise, exercise and have THE. BEST. DAY. EVER!!

'Every dog must           
have his day'

- Jonathan Swift


Dog's Day Out is a family run business that was established in 2019 as a new way to socialise, exercise and train Canberra's dogs!
At DDO, your dog will enjoy their day playing, learning and having fun with their new fur-iends.
Since opening our doors we have helped hundreds of dogs build confidence, learn patience and have FUN!
We place a high importance on safety, routine and supervision by a team that is well trained in dog behaviour.

Groups are separated into size and energy levels, and are always under the eye of a specially trained daycare attendant.
We are very open with our clients, discussing if there is any changes to your dogs enjoyment at daycare.
We specialise in small-medium dogs and dogs that need help building their confidence around other dogs.

If you would like to sign your dog up to have the most fun day paw-sible, contact us now!


We always begin the daycare process with a trial day.

Trial days are a way of seeing whether we are a good fit for you and your dog before signing up to a membership. We only book a couple of trial dogs per day so we can give your dog close attention throughout the day and spend the time integrating them into their new groups slowly to make it as easy a process as possible.


Trial days are a great way to see if our centre will benefit your dog and improve their life!

To be eligible for a trial day your dog must:

Kennel Cough

Puppies must have had their DHP and Kennel Cough vaccinations for a minimum of 2 weeks to attend daycare. Adult dogs will need to provide current certifications.


Dogs over the age of 8 months must be desexed. Puppies can attend undesexed

Worm &
Flea Prevention

All dogs attending daycare must be regularly wormed and treated for fleas to minimise the spread between other dogs


Dog's Day Out Doggy Daycare has several membership options to suit your schedule and budget

If you want to learn more about our membership programs, you can see more on our FAQs.

Discount Offer for Owners with Multiple Dogs

Owners who send more than one dog to daycare will receive a 10% discount on the

second dog's attendance fee, provided both dogs are present on the same day.

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About Us


Kate brings several years of experience in the animal care industry. Beginning her career in 2015, she has completed several studies in the animal field and has worked hands on in the dog industry for 7 years. She enjoys continuing to learn and sharing her knowledge with her team.

Certificate II in Animal Studies
Certificate III in Captive Animal Management

The Dog Gurus - Knowing Dogs 101
The Dog Gurus - Knowing Dogs 201
Pack Pro Training - Dog Body Language
Pack Pro Training - Group Management

Meet the rest of our team here:


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