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Doggy Daycare

It's all in the name..

At Dog's Day Out it's all about your four legged friend, and we strive to provide your dog with
the best day ever! 
In our off leash facility we let your dogs play, explore, learn & have
fun with all their best fur-ends, under the watchful eye of our well trained staff.

We are completely indoors, which means safe, clean & temperature controlled fun!
Our multiple play areas mean that we are able to divide dogs into groups where they

will feel the most comfortable, and have the most fun!
Whether they prefer quiet gentle play, or a bit of rough-housing, we have them covered!

At Dog's Day Out, we believe that we are in an amazing position to help mould spectacular doggy
citizens through
socialisation and training. 
We are here not only to make your dogs' lives better, but also yours!

That's why we have dedicated time each day to group train our dogs in being polite, patient and friendly.

Once you become a part of the Dog's Day Out family, you'll wonder how
you ever lived without us!

Unfortunately due to space restrictions we are only able to offer a limited number of positions to large breed dogs, please get in contact with us for further information. 

A puppy indicates Canberra Dogs Daycare

A Typical Day at Doggy Daycare!

A Typical Day at Doggy Daycare!

**Daily drop offs close at 9:30am every day
By doing this it helps our dogs settle into their groups for the daY

A Typical Day

How to tell if daycare will be right for my dog?

As amazing as day care is, it is not always a perfect fit for all dogs. 
It can be at times an extremely loud, fast paced environment and although we do separate our groups into temperaments and play styles, unfortunately some dogs will even find the quiet play group too much for them. On the flip side to that is usually energetic dogs may become over stimulated at the energy levels of daycare and become a risk to themselves or others.

Our top priority at Dog's Day Out is the safety of all our dogs, as well as making sure that every dog who spends the day with us is having fun!
To see if day care is a good fit for your dog, we begin with a short survey, and a trial day.

Why do we do a Trial Day?

The trial day is just an easy way for us to get to know your dog better! We use this time to get to know how your dog responds to unfamiliar things (people, places & other dogs), we learn to understand their play style and get to know their energy levels.
This helps us know which day your dog will fit into easily, so they can have lots of like-minded friends for to them to play with!
We ask that someone is available during trial days in case early pick up is necessary.
Please note that trial days are charged at full price.

How to tell if daycare will be right for my dog?

Doggy Requirements

All dogs over 6 months old must be desexed, and they must have a valid C5 vaccination certificate.
Puppies under 6 months old do not need to be desexed, but they must have their vaccinations to be in the yards with other dogs.
For information on young unvaccinated puppies, please see our 'Puppy Pawgram' for more information.

Dog Daycare Canberra
Doggy Daycare Canberra
Save - $215


We offer a variety of packages in daycare & training, to help make looking after your best friend more affordable!

1 Visit


5 Visits 


10 Visits 


20 Visits


For puppies, please see the 'Puppy Pawgram' for a more detailed price list.

How to Get Started!

So you want to become a part of the Dog's Day Out family...
The next step is to get in contact with us. Tell us a bit about you and your furry friend and organise a time to come in, meet the team and book in for your trial day!

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