Unfortunately at this stage we are not accepting any new clients for daycare.

Please get in contact if you are enquiring about a spot in our  
Puppy Pawgram 
(12-16 weeks old)

FAQ's & All About Doggy Daycare!

What is Doggy Daycare?

Think of it like childcare - but for dogs!
Dogs get dropped off in the morning, spend the day playing & getting lots of cuddles, and get picked up in the evening, leaving you with a tired, happy pooch!

Is Doggy Daycare Safe?

Just like childcare, occasionally your pooch can come home with the odd bumps and bruises - but safety is our main priority at DDO. A trained staff member is with the dogs at all times.
To minimise risk we also start our enrolment process with a trial day. This is ensure that dogs have temperaments that align with those needed for our daycare setting. Dog or people aggressive dogs will not be accepted to DDO.
We also have multiple yards, this is so we can separate dogs into multiple play groups depending on their needs. This gives the more boisterous, playful dogs a chance to get some energy out, and our quiet shy dogs to have a safe, fun space to spend their day.
Although we take all precautions possible, unfortunately dog daycare is not guaranteed 100% safe, and some times accidents do happen. Like taking your dog to the dog park, it is a risk that must be weighed up by each individual parent.

What will my dog be doing all day?

Dogs will spend their day in an off-leash play yard with their friends and a trained staff member - playing, resting, learning & using up some extra energy! 
To see a more detailed break down of their day you can see A Typical Day at Daycare.