FAQ's & All About Doggy Daycare!

What is Doggy Daycare?

Think of it like childcare - but for dogs!
Dogs get dropped off in the morning, spend the day playing & getting lots of cuddles, and get picked up in the evening, leaving you with a tired, happy pooch!

Is Doggy Daycare Safe?

Just like childcare, occasionally your pooch can come home with the odd bumps and bruises - but safety is our main priority at DDO. A trained staff member is with the dogs at all times, at a maximum ratio of 10:1.
To minimise risk we also start our enrolment process with a temperament test. This test is ensure that dogs have temperaments that align with those needed for the daycare setting. Dog or people aggressive dogs will not be accepted to DDO.
We also have multiple yards, this is so we can separate dogs into multiple play groups depending on their needs. This gives the more boisterous, playful dogs a chance to get some energy out, and our quiet shy dogs to have a safe, fun space to spend their day.
Although we take all precautions possible, unfortunately dog daycare is not guaranteed 100% safe, and some times accidents do happen. Like taking your dog to the dog park, it is a risk that must be weighed up by each individual parent.

What will my dog be doing all day?

Dogs will spend their day in an off-leash play yard with their friends and a trained staff member - playing, resting, learning & using up some extra energy! 
To see a more detailed break down of their day you can see A Typical Day at Daycare.

When is Drop off & Pick up Times?

We open bright and early at 7:30am, to give ample time to drop your pooch off before work. Early drop offs can be arranged, please get in contact to discuss this option.
We accept new dogs for the day between 7:30-9:30am. No new dogs will be accepted for the day after 9:30am.
This is to help our dogs get settled into their groups for the day, as new introductions can often be too exciting!
Pick up can be any time of the day until 6:30pm.

What if I can't pick up by 6:30pm?

If you aren't able to pick up your pooch by 6:30pm, please contact us by phone.
We do charge a fee of $15 per 15 minutes late, this is to cover staffing costs associated.

Why do we schedule regular days?

We schedule days so all the dogs get used to their regular groups and have all their friends to play with. This encourages a cohesive, playful group. We schedule dogs on specific days where we know they will have likeminded play buddies. (e.g Tuesdays are for wrestling buddies, Wednesdays are for light gentle play)

We do this so that every dog has an opportunity to play how they enjoy, maximising fun, safety and the comfort level of the dogs. 

What Happens if my dog can't come to his scheduled day?

If your dog can not attend his scheduled day, we ask for at least 24 hours notice. This is to help us run the day smoothly, and give every dog a chance to attend daycare!
If 24 hours notice is not provided, unfortunately you run the risk of being charged 50% or losing a day from your package.
We believe this is fair, as to give every dog a chance and no one misses out.
We can be contacted via phone or email for rescheduling or cancelling a day.

How Many Days a Week can my dog come?

As many as you (and your dog) would like! 

What do I need to bring?

We ask that you bring your dog leashed to our facility, and remain leashed in reception. We will hold the leash during the day and return at pick up. If your dog has any allergies or food requirements, we also encourage bringing special food for them.

Do you Use Crates?

Yes we do. Dogs will not be left in long periods of time in crates, which are only used as a safe place to promote calm time. Daycare can often be an over stimulating place for dogs who are new. Crates provide a space for the dogs to feel safe and return to a calm state. Crates are also used to promote nap time in energetic puppies, who tend to act like a toddler at nap time! 

Will my dog sleep at Daycare?

Dogs are permitted to sleep at daycare whenever they would like to. 
We do have routine nap times where we encourage the dogs to rest. By resting during the day, it gives the more adult dogs some personal time to regain some energy and prevent any over-tired crankiness. 
Puppies in our Puppy Pawgram are encouraged to have multiple nap breaks during the day.

Will my dog receive any training during their day?

Training will occur all day every day! We use training to help keep the dogs focused and not too over stimulated. We also dedicate time everyday at 12pm to work on group obedience. During this time we practice group sits, group waits, individual recall and being polite at the gates. All these skills help daycare run smoothly and can translate into have a more polite, well mannered dog in their home life. To see a list of the commands used at daycare, please see our forms page.

Do you offer over night care?

Unfortunately we only offer care during the day, no overnight stays. 

Do you accept all breeds and sizes?

We do! We believe in meeting all dogs as an individual and not judging based off their breed. 
Unfortunately due to the space restrictions we have limited availability for large and boisterous dogs. Please get in contact with us via phone or email to discuss whether we have ample space for your dog to attend.

Why wouldn't my dog be accepted into Dog's Day Out?

We do not judge by breed, but we do look at how each individual dog is coping with a daycare setting and whether or not they are enjoying their day with us.
There are a few reasons why dogs might not be able to attend Dog's Day Out.

1. We don't have enough space - Being a small indoor facility, some larger or boisterous dogs might not have the space they need to get all their energy out.

2. Overwhelmed - Some dogs might find the energetic, loud space too overwhelming and don't enjoy their day with us.

3. Over Stimulated - Some dogs who are overwhelmed can also get too over stimulated. This can result in playing too rough, excessive barking or zoomies which can be dangerous for the dog, and the others around them. Over stimulated dogs are not enjoying their day.

4. Shown aggression towards other dogs or staff members.

5. Excessive Resource Guarding - Dogs in daycare need to know how to share toys, food and people. Dogs that show excessive resource guarding will not be allowed at daycare as they can be a risk to themselves and others.

6. Playing Too Rough - Dogs that may be enjoying their time playing, might be too overwhelming and rough for the other dogs at daycare, and our main priority is to make sure every dog in our care is safe and having a fun day.

7. Uncontrollable - Dogs that are uncontrollable at home have a very minimal chance of being controllable in such a high energy environment such as daycare. Uncontrollable dogs unfortunately could pose a risk to the safety of other dogs in our care.

8. They aren't enjoying themselves! We don't want to force any of our dogs to spend a day with us when they aren't having fun. We will let you know if your dog does not enjoy daycare and we can look at some other socialising techniques for them.

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: Just because your dog doesn't get accepted or eventually outgrows daycare, does not make them a bad dog! Some dogs just don't suit daycare settings. 
We will try to work with the individual dog to make daycare work for them, but at the end of the day if they don't work in a daycare setting, there is plenty of other ways to enrich and exercise your dogs.

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