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The Puppy Pawgram

Puppy represents The Puppy Pawgram Canberra

So you've got someone new in your life...

                                        (...and slightly stressful)

We know that puppies experience a crucial developmental stage up until 14 weeks of age, so to help give your puppy the best head start in life we have developed an amazing program,
The Puppy Pawgram! 

 Puppies are able to start the pawgram 2 weeks after their second vaccination has been administered.
At daycare, puppies can run around free to interact and
learn about appropriate play, good doggy manners and how to remain calm around other dogs.
Here your new baby can learn how to 'speak dog language', familiarise themselves with new environments and meet lots of new friends! 


What's included in the Pawgram

We offer a variety of packages in the Pawgram to help accommodate your little one, and your budget. If a package isn't suitable for your needs, we are happy to take your little friend on a casual basis (prices are found on the daycare page).

We offer in-house training sessions with some of our packages, which includes a 15 minute training session by one of our knowledgable staff members, assisting to train your puppy the basics such as sits, stays and drops. If your new puppy is a particularly fluffy friend who will need life long grooming, we would recommend including baths in their daycare package, to desensitise them to getting bathed, blow dried & brushed.
 If there is anything else we can accomodate you with, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Puppy indicates Pawgram


  10x Full Days of Daycare



(RRP $650 - Save $100)


   10x Full Days of Daycare
x Extra Training

   2x Bath & Blow Dry
x Nail Trims

(RRP $1160 - Save $410)

Puppies enrolled in the Puppy Pawgram will be scheduled for a minimum of 2 days per week. The Puppy Pawgram expires 5 weeks from first day.


The Nitty Gritty

Why Puppy Socialisation is so Important


Socialisation means exposing your puppy to as many new people, animals, environments and other stimuli as possible without overwhelming them.
This exposure will desensitise and condition your pup so that they learn how to cope with 
new and different situations throughout their lives.

     An unsocialised dog is unlikely to cope well with changes in his environment or situations, making him difficult to handle for his owner, veterinarian, groomer, pet sitter, and any visitors to the dog’s home. If your puppy isn’t properly socialised, he can develop permanently ingrained fear responses and generalised anxiety. 
      Dogs are incredibly attentive and sensitive, and love to communicate. They learn so much in their early formative weeks about their environment and the people they will be living with. Up until 14 weeks of age they approach new situations, animals and things with an adventurous, open mind. During this time they learn about body language, what noises, activities and places are normal and they learn to bond with other dogs and people. Poor socialisation is the leading cause of behavioural problems, euthanasia and surrender to a shelter for behavioural problems.
     The Puppy Pawgram gives your new fluffy friend a head start on socialising. We recommend desensitisation exercises should continue at home at the same time.

Due to being a completely indoor facility, unfortunately we can not guarantee a continuation of daycare after your puppy has completed the Pawgram. Occasionally we can not provide exactly what some dogs need after they graduate from the Puppy Pawgram, due to size or temperaments, and our top priority is to make sure every dog in our facility (including yours) is having a safe, fun day.

  We accept puppies from 12 weeks until 16 weeks to START the program, it does not matter if your puppy finishes the Pawgram in this age bracket, as long as they begin between these ages. 

The Nitty Gritty
Puppy Prices
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